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Irish Terrier

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Dog Breed's Main Info

The Breed's History:

The Irish Terrier is probably one of the oldest Terrier breeds and may have as one of its ancestors the now-extinct black and tan Terrier and a larger wheaten-colored terrier. He emerged as a recognized breed in 1875 or thereabouts, at a dog show in Glasgow, Scotland, of all places. By 1879, two Irish Terriers, Ch. Erin and Killney Boy, were producing many champions and are considered the foundation of the breed.

The 1880s were a banner decade for the Irish Terrier. During that time, they were the fourth most popular breed in Britain. They were also the source of a controversy that led to a major change in the appearance of British dogs. It had been common practice to crop the ears of terriers and some other breeds, but in 1889 the Irish Terrier Club required that all dogs born after a certain date that year have uncropped ears if they were to be shown under Kennel Club rules.

This led to a great outcry but eventually resulted in the banning of ear cropping for any breed in Great Britain.

The breed rapidly spread to the United States. The first Irish Terrier was shown at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1881, and the first Irish Terrier registered with the American Kennel Club was Aileen in 1885. The Irish Terrier Club of America was founded in 1896.

In World War I, Irish Terriers distinguished themselves as messenger dogs and sentinels, receiving many accolades for bravery and loyalty. The commandant of the British War Dog School, Lt. Col. E. H. Richardson, wrote of them: "Many a soldier is alive today through the effort of one of these Terriers... They are extraordinarily intelligent, faithful, and honest, and a man who has one of them as a companion will never lack a true friend".

Given his fine qualities, it's surprising that the Irish Terrier has slowly faded from popularity. He's rarely seen in the show ring with the exception of specialty shows, which are well attended, but his popularity received a boost from the 2007 movie Firehouse Dog. Irish Terriers rank 123rd among the 155 breeds and varieties registered by the AKC.

Country of Origin:

Breed Group:

1 foot, 6 inch. to 1 foot, 8 inch. (45,72 to 50,8 cm)

25 to 27 pounds (11,33 to 12,25 Kg)

Life Span:
12 to 16 years

Potential Health Issues:

Elbow Dysplasia,
Hip Dysplasia,
Von Willebrand's Disease,
Eye Problems


Apartment Living:

First Time Owners:


Being Alone:

Cold Weather:

Hot Weather:


Affection With Family:

With Kids:

With Dogs:

With Strangers:

Health and Grooming



Easy To Groom:

Overall Health:

Weight Gain Potential:






Prey Drive:

Barking or Howling:


Need For Exercise

Energy Level:


Exercise Needs:


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